ON MAY 6, 2021 FROM 6-9 PM

Exhibition duration: May 6 - August 21

Visits: Timed-reservations for individuals and/or groups of 10-20 RSVP singularly as we adhere to safety guidelines.

Monthly: Story-telling interviews and Discussions "In-The-Round"

BRAINWORXX reveals the effects that nature, environmental design and the arts have on brain wellness.  The ability to unlock the power of this “secret code” is essential for personal and professional health and stability.  The healing properties of the natural world; physical, mental and spiritual, have been known for centuries.  The inspirational qualities of the natural world have been influencing designers, artists, designers and other great thinkers for even longer.  This MM-O-DD exhibit celebrates this resurging realization.  

MM-O-DD provides stepping-stones to build awareness of the importance of balance though creativity. 

BRAINWORXX explores how the knowledge of and immersion in the natural environment positively impacts mental wellness.  Our partner, the Belle Isle Aquarium, explores the documented, soothing effect of aquarium viewing.  The exhibition explores the science behind the psychological response to color.  Expressionist artist Gage Shettler, who has been diagnosed with Bipolar will feature the works he creates in the mist of manic episodes.  One of the U of M Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Program participates, Laurence Bond Miller shows works inspired by nature. The Lost Art Collective will display works by members who view their artistic and creative expressions as literal lifelines.  

This BRAINWORXX educational outreach is an inclusive platform encouraging the public to participate in furthering the conversation, Art and “Design impacts people and the planet.”    

Featured Designers and Artists

Judy Bowman
Carson Monohan
Diego Sanchez
Laurence Bond Miller
Gage Shettler
Kelsey Tucker
Nancy Wanchik
S. Kay Young
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Together we explore the impact of design and culture in art, nature and creative capacity on brain wellness.

In May 2021 the BRAINWORXX exhibit will open. The exhibition is a story-telling framework. The question is geared toward the brain and the response in regards to design, art, nature and creative capacity.
The BRIANWORXX platform provides a safe conversational opportunity about the bipolar diagnosis though creative expression and environmental factors that impact an individuals wellness.
Did you know that explores the capacity of flexing our creativity. Our minds can enter a state of flow. From our 'In-the- round' discussions we have noticed a unified response that the act of creativity takes over, boosts our mental state and slows our heart rate. We have organically found a significant connection and immersive result for people who suffer from depression or anxiety or have a Bipolar diagnoses. Creative capacity includes the blocked or stuck mind common to Designers and Artists.
BRAINWORXX takes a look at the inclusion of nature in design. The discovery and theories date back to the beginning of recorded history. growing scientific field called ecotherapy has shown a strong connection between time spent in nature and reduced stress. In December of 2020, founder Leslie Ann Pilling was one of the story-tellers at the Belle Isle Conservancy program which showcased health and nature. Her focus was on the Detroit River and water in general as a healing power of nature.
BRIANWORXX explores Sound Design and the effects on brain wellness. Sound spurs powerful reactions from jarring loud noise which stops you dead in your tracks to jovial laughter which brings a smile to your face.History is rich with tribal traditions of drums uniting tribes in ceremony, or songs that bring communities together in celebration. In the past MM-O-DD facilitated a program, Sound Design in Museums for the Michigan Museum Association.
BRIANWORXX examines the design of a space, with special attention to color. There is significant links to both which impacts brain health.
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'The Refugee in Me' by Morgan Breon
Bi-weekly meeting about projectivity and time-management support group.
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