The digital based collections below are from private and public resources

Contributions to the Collection

The Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit Museum has just started a collection of artifacts and design-works that supports the preservation of Detroit and Michigan’s Design history and create engaging exhibitions. The collections are on-going acquisitions, constantly growing resources and the culture of accessibility to the public. If you’re interested in donating to the collection these are need-to-know facts.

What We Collect

To donate to the Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit (MM-O-DD) collection you must set up an appointment with one of the Collections council members. This appointment allows the museum to document all the information related to a donation. All potential donations are brought to the Collections Council. This committee decides as a group to accept or not accept donations to the collection. Currently the museum is mobile, so archival storage and documentation of the collection costs will need to be provided by the donor.

When objects are donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit, ownership is legally transferred to the Museum. There is the option of loaning objects and artwork to MM-O-DD for a specific exhibition if you are not ready to give up your belongings.

To donate, add to or have questions about the MM-O-DD collection, please contact Leslie Ann Pilling for more information. 

Guideline for conduction research in collaboration with MM-O-DD

We welcome researchers to contribute to the MM-O-DD platform. The museum has limited ability to physically collect objects and maintain archival records, yet with technology collections are captured and highlighted on a digital platform. If you are interested in learning more make an appointment with a member of the Collections council. MM-O-DD will accommodate requests as we are able and suggest contacting the archives in advance. You must receive confirmation of an appointment to be granted access to any archival collateral.


Up-coming collection of Design Thinkers and a few quotes and insight into the way they look at Design Thinking and Strategy.

One of the definitions from the Stanford d-school in relation to Design thinking.
“a methodology for innovation that combines creative and analytical approaches and requires collaboration across disciplines.”


Description: Miniature chair

Designer: Original- Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Design: Barcelona

Manufacture: Acme Studios

Country of origin: U.S.A.

Date: 1900’s

Materials:Sterling Silver

Dimensions: H.2.5” x W.2”xD.1.5”

On-loan:Private collection

ID#: 180076


QUE is a collection of photographs taken by Christian O’Grady in 2017. He was joined by Mariery Young a visiting Surface Designer from Panama City Panama. They collaborated while waiting for the Q-Line , a transportation option located in Detroit. The abstract is to capture Design principles within a current urban landscape which includes a location featuring mobility.

Description: Air vent

Design Principle: Shape

Designer: Researching

Manufacture: Unknown

Country of origin: U.S.A.

Circa: 1970’s

Materials: Steel

Dimensions: H.10” x W.10””xD..5”

Collection:Public street

ID#: 17LIT01


A collection of graphically manipulated logo iterations of the Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit brand as an abstract to convey the various Design Principles people live with daily.

Description: MM-O-DD logo

Design Principle: Color

Graphic Designer: Christian O’Grady

Manufacture: N/A

Country of origin: U.S.A.

Circa: 2017

Materials: N/A

Dimensions: H.x W.x D.

Collection: MM-O-DD exclusive

ID#: 17MM-O-DD020

Location: 2439 Fourth Street Detroit, Michigan 

Administrative: 2900 E. Jefferson Street Detroit, Michigan  48207 U.S.A.

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