Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit is a non-profit based in Detroit, Michigan .

Our first five years was mobile collaborative programming. In January 2020, Collected Detroit began to host us.


Access to educational enrichment, work-force interest for multiple generations thru mostly free programming and exhibitions.

Engagement for  inclusive, collaborative outreach to diverse communities with historical, current and futuristic insight.

Impact is direct as our ur abilities are as guides in design thinking, environmental awareness and socially

responsive participation.We align our programming with people versed in innovative solutions

in the Design Industry. 

Outcome for all efforts are to discover and explore the valuable talents from the

past, currently and who is working on our future in the Design Industry.

For further conversation and details, please send along

inquiries to info@mm-o-dd.org


Design Professionals and Community Strategists 

This diverse group of local-to-global individuals collaborate to provide  multi-generational community impact, educational enrichment and an Ah-Ha Spark. This ignited awareness engages the audience about historical references, current innovation and future insight into the Design Industry.

With great honor and appreciation the collaborative group listed  are distinguished professionals, passionate change-agent individuals and founding members who represent inclusive local-to-global communities in the Design Industry and related fields of study.


Founder/President: Leslie Ann Pilling, CEO Presence II inc. / Presence II Productions dba , VP: Michael Willoughby, CEO MWA and Associates Architecture

Secretary: Christianne Sims-Malone, Treasurer: Dwight Phillips (Attorney)


Alphabetical order

Rich Altherr: CEO Nature Comes Standard LLC, Aki Choklat: Department Head of the College for Creative Studies Fashion Accessories Program, Charles (Chuck) Duquet: CEO of Collected Detroit Gallery, Liz Larin: CEO of American City Media and Director of Sound Design, Steven McBride: Executive Director of Pewabic Pottery

Leslie Ann Pilling: CEO/Principle Designer of Presence II Inc., Morgan Breon Peterson: CEO Heal.Be.Live., Aaron L. Rosenhaus: Owner/COO of Uniland Corporation

Ron Stefanski: Community Leadership, Nurten Ural: Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey, Luke Westbrook: M.J. Foley Industrial Sewing machines


Marsha Battle Philpot (Marsha Music)



Carmen Benevides, Ramon Corpuz, Kelsey Eby, Lynette Halalay, Mike Han, Lynley Honkanen, Melissa Johnson, Malik Johnson, Marla Kaftan, Shannon Lazovski, Parker Lynch,

Wil Marquez, Omar Mourad, Marian Reich, Mandisa Smith, Evan Sparrow, Kay Stefanski, Mariery Young (Panama City,Panama)


MM-O-DD Fellowship program launches in 2022. 


Local-to-global people have been inspired by the message we provide and have joined together in the name of Design. Some volunteer as group, some as individuals.

Our partner Global Ties > Detroit provides international business and diplomacy by inviting many people from countries to participate in programs and events. 

Interested in becoming involved? contact us at info@mm-o-dd.org 


Together we must honor the historical process which a plethora of people gave a life-time of dedication to the industry.

We must look at current design individuals and companies who are aware of the change in Design thinking can impact the planet.


Together let us honor those who have come before us and have impacted the industry whether passionate or professional involved in Design, Art or related fields of study.

Alex Alexander
We honor Mr. Alexander an devoted Detroiter. He volunteered for the MM-O-DD professional photographer Council from 2019-2020.
Gabriel Gonzalez
We honor the life-long passion that Gabe had for the security of his fellow citizens. He survived in the Military for many years. He was our Director of Security for 4 years.
David Philpot
Eric Moss
We honor Eric who was one of the first people who assisted in the development of the the original vision of MM-O-DD. His talents will be remembered and his loyalty to Detroit celebrated.
Paul J. Smith
Paul J. Smith (September 8, 1931 – April 26, 2020) was an arts administrator, curator, and artist based in New York. Smith gives MM-O-DD the first piece in our permanent collection.
Robert S. and Margaret Jones
                             Robert C. and Archille Jones for honoring the legacy of Robert S. and Margaret Jones
They were both educators.
He was a Wayne State University engineering professor and she was a 7th grade Science teacher in the Detroit Public School system for 20+ years.
Thank you to the family for their support for the 2016/2017 Biomimicry Design Dare Challenge programming.
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Founder Leslie Ann Pilling
Ms. Pilling is the visionary and principle curator. Her background in Design spans multiple decades. Her inclusive mind-set and devotion to highlight the people who are the Designers or our future Designers is why she has developed the museum.
Michael Willoughby
Mr. Willoughby (Vice-President)
Mr. Willoughby is CEO of Willoughby and Assoc. Architectural firm.
Christianne Sims-Malone
Christianne Sims-Malone (Executive Secretary) and active Detroiter:  is a founding member and one of the first few people to develop MM-O-DD into a community based edutainment platform. She has volunteered her time, energy and insight since 2012.
Dwight Phillips
Mr. Phillips is retired from a 30 year professional career as an attorney in Detroit where his focus was Workers rights. He continues to volunteer with MM-O-DD leadership.
Charles Duquet
Charles (Chuck)Duquet is the owner of Collected Detroit Gallery who is hosting the MM-O-DD permanent space. Because of his generosity we have been able to have exhibitions where the general public can attend. Collected Detroit is located at 2439 Fourth Street Detroit, Michigan
Rich Altherr
Mr. Altherr (Director of Biomimicry) is CEO of Nature Comes Standard
Morgan Breon Peterson
Ms. Peterson (Director of Community engagement)
is the CEO of Heal.Be.Live. and Programming lead at GOAL Line.
Aki Choklat
Aki is the CCS Center for Creative Studies Head of the Fashion Accessories Department
Malik Johnson
Malik Johnson Buildings, Safety, Engineering and Environmental Department
Liz Larin
Ms. Larin (Director of Sound Design) is CEO of American City Music and Bona Fide Productions.
Parker Lynch
Parker is the co-founder of Hedgehog Health.
Steven McBride
Stephen is Executive Director at Pewbic Pottery.
Ali McManus
Omar Mourad
Omar is on both the Finance and Social Councils.
Aaron Lee Rosenhaus
Aaron is COO at Uniland Corp. which supports MM-O-DD with funding, strategic insight and community connections. He provides community engagement focused on the Build/Construction Design related industry. He was the 2017 award recipient of the HOA Young Builder of the Year and in 2018 as Detroit's Urban Builder.
Ron Stefanski
Ron provides community connections and valued insight with funding
Cassidy Tucker
Nurten Ural
Ms. Ural is the Honorary Republic general of the Republic of Turkey
Marsha Battle-Philpot aka Marsh
Marsha Battle-Philpot (Marsha Music)
is a Detroitist, and provides insight and direct connections for MM-O-DD. She is an essential advisor, watch-person to our  cultural etiquette and supports research within the history of Detroit especially within Design: which embraces Music.
Carmen Benevides
Carmen ( an engineer at Chrysler) supports programming and events.
Ramon Corpuz
Ramon is an architect for a Detroit based firm. He has exceptional insight into design technically and as a practical application. He supports in the curation of exhibitions and content. He is a lead on the Biomimicry committee.
Marla Kaftan
Marla Kaftan, principal of Kaftan Designs, has joined the Design/Social Council. She owns a boutique interior design company servicing clients in Metro-Detroit and beyond.
Kelsey Eby
Kelsey is part of the founding group of volunteers. She is instrumental in community engagement during Design Dares as well as a part of the exhibition team.
Evan Sparrow
Evan Sparrow is on the Design/Social Council. He is a Designer located in Detroit, Michigan. His work embraces the circular supply chain.
Lynette Halalay
Lynette CEO of Knit So Fabulous is a talent with extraordinary teaching skills to all ages. Her professional in textile design and construction of woven knits. The collections produced are one-of-a-kind and limited edition.
Mike Han
Mike Han is a Korean-American artist, former sushi chef, and a modern vandal. Han is mindful that in order to create, you must destroy.
Lynley Honkanen
Lynley Honkanen ( Director of Youth Edutainment) has been a volunteer since 2016.
Melissa Johnson
Melissa joined MM-O-DD in 2012 and has overseen the much of the administrative needs regarding bookkeeping.
Shannon Lazovski
Shannon is a treasured volunteer with MM-O-DD.
Her advanced leadership skills have been essential in many of our Fashion happenings.
Wil Marquez
Wil is CEO of With Purpose a public art and Design firm. As an architect he has extensive experience in community engagement and public functional art.
Kalom McClure
Kalom is CEO of Kam Dynasty a jewelry company located in Detroit. The esthetic is inspired by cultural concepts, symbolism and nature.
Marian Reich
Marian is the Executive Director of Global Ties> Detroit.
Mandisa Smith
Mandisa Smith is the Founder of Akoma a collective of women artists. (formerly Detroit Fiber Works) invites local-to-global fiber and textiles experts to  showing their works, as well as providing extraordinary hand-on public educational programming. Her own works span Fashion, Interior and Product Design.

Kay Stefanski
Kay (Director in exhibit logistics) has an extensive career in educational marketing. Ms. Stefanski proudly established her business in Detroit and is an active contributor with MM-O-DD as a sponsor, advocate of Design and a periodic content editor. She has been fondly called the ‘Grammar Police’ which we are sincerely grateful for her insight.

Luke Westbrook
Luke Westbrook is the 4th generation at M.J. Foley Company. They serve the Industrial Sewing Trades profession for over 100 years. The original Factory was on Jefferson Street in Detroit.
Mariery Young
CEO of M Studio
Panama City, Panama
Surface Designer
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The list of Designers below have participated in MM-O-DD. The design industry and related fields has historically been a behind the scenes and under the radar platform. We highlight the people who have displayed talent and who are current in the industry and interested in sparking the of our future generations. 

Albert Kahn (Albert Kahn Legacy Foundation), Adnan Charara (Accessory /Fashion Artist/Designer), Aki Choklat (Accessory Designer), Amelia Novella Rennell (Artist), Amineh Ahmad (Accessory Designer), Armageddon Beachparty Fashion/Accessory/Product Artsist/Designers), Boswell Hardwick ( Millenary: Accessory Designer)  Celeste Smith (Millenary), Christian O'Grady(Graphic Designer/Photographer), Cynthia LaMaide Designs (Fashion Designer), Dena Salmaci (Salgiano) (Fashion Designer), Donovan Dewberry (Fashion Designer), Elizabeth Youngblood (Accessory Designer), Eric Beamon (Jewelry Designer), Eric Lowry (Designer/Artist), Evan Sparrow (Fashion Designer),  Ewa Markiewicz (Fashion Designer), Feyrouz (International Fashion Designer- Luxembourg), Heron Robinson ( Fashion/Accessory Designer), Janna Coumoundouros ( Fashion/Accessory Designer), Josie Teachout (Fashion/Accessory Designer), Kelly Grant (Artist), Kristen Canda (Artist), Kristine Ferguson (Fashion/Product Designer), Kalom McClure: Kam Dynasty (Jewelry Designer), Kill The Hate (Fashion/Accessory Designer, Lynette Haylalah (Fashion/Accessory Designer), Mandisa Smith (Fashion/Accessory/Product Artist/Designer), Marianna Sanchez (Fashion Accessories Designer), Mark Samel (Artsist/Designer), Mary Storey (Accessory Designer), Matt Lambert (JewelryDesigner)  Matt Richond (Fashion Designer), Megan Otenbaker (Fashion Designer), Meredith Lorde'-Cole (Accessory Artist/Designer), Meridith Honkanen (Jewelry Designer), Mike Han of House of Han (Modern Vandalism Artist), Olga Babushkina (Accessory Designer), Parker Lynch of HedgeHog Health ( Designer), Peter Kyke (Lighting Designer), Rachel Willnus (Millenary Accessory Designer),Rich Wright (Jewelry/Graphics/Fashion Artist/Designer), Ro Colston (Animate artist), S.Kay Young (Photographer), Scott Beles of DEF LAB Designs (Metal Artist) Smithmade (Furniture Designers), Tina Tomicic ( Handbag Designer), Tom Carbone (Shoe and accessory Designer), Tori Abrahams ( Accessory Designer),Tracy Reese (Fashion Designer)

Accessory Designer: Millenary
Fashion Designer:
Jewelry Designer:
Fashion Designer:
Photo by: Mark
Sound Designer/Musician/Composer
Accessory Designer:
Applied Arts Fashion, Accessory, Product Designer:
Fashion Designer:
Fashion Designer:
Surface Designer:
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Metropolitan Museum Of Design Detroit (MM-O-DD) provides access to experiential educational enrichment opportunities

through collaborative programming and exhibitions.


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