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Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit is a non-profit based in Detroit, Michigan .

2015-2019 collaborative programming. In January 2020, Collected Detroit began to host us.


Provides access to educational enrichment, work-force interest for multiple generations thru mostly free programming and exhibitions.

Engagement for  inclusive, collaborative outreach to diverse communities with historical, current and futuristic insight.

Impact is direct as our ur abilities are as guides in design thinking, environmental awareness and socially

responsive participation.We align our programming with people versed in innovative solutions

in the Design Industry. 

Outcome for all efforts are to discover and explore the valuable talents from the

past, currently and who is working on our future in the Design Industry.

For further conversation and details, please send along

inquiries to




Design Professionals and Community Strategists 

This diverse group of local-to-global individuals collaborate to provide multi-generational community impact, educational enrichment and an Ah-Ha Spark. This ignited awareness engages the audience about historical references, current innovation and future insight into the Design Industry.


With great honor and appreciation the collaborative group listed  are distinguished professionals, passionate change-agent individuals and founding members who represent inclusive local-to-global communities in the Design Industry and related fields of study.


Founder/President: Leslie Ann Pilling, CEO Leslie Ann Pilling Design, Vice President: Robere' Lett,

Secretary: Christianne Sims-Malone, Treasurer: James Sercu


Alphabetical order

Rich Altherr: CEO Nature Comes Standard LLC, Aki Choklat: Department Head of the College for Creative Studies Fashion Accessories Program,

Charles (Chuck) Duquet: CEO of Collected Detroit Gallery and venue sponsor, Steven McBride: Executive Director of Pewabic Pottery

Leslie Ann Pilling: CEO/Principle Designer of Presence II Inc., Morgan Breon Peterson: CEO Heal.Be.Live., Aaron L. Rosenhaus: Owner/COO of Uniland Corporation

Nurten Ural: Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey


Marsha Battle Philpot (Marsha Music)

Michael Willoughby CEO of MWA ( Michael Willoughby & Assoc.)

Dwight Phillips



Kevin Barranco, Carmen Benevides,Bryan Cuello, Mike Han (CEO House Of Han), Lynley Honkanen, Melissa Johnson,

Kaya Johnson, Malik Johnson, Marla Kaftan (CEO Kaftan Designs),  

, Robere' Lett (Owner Haute' Management), Nicole Lindsey (Owner Detroit Hives), Mary Lubera, Parker Lynch,

Melanie McClintock (CCS olor and Material Science Department Head),

Yasmine Olive (CEO capsule_), Tim Paule (owner Detroit Hives), Milton Putman, CEO of Complete Dominance Athletics,

Marian Reich (Executive Director Global Ties> Detroit), Jessica Saunders (President Royal Oak High School Fashion Club), James Sercu (Financial professional), Mandisa Smith, Evan Sparrow (CEO Sparrow Designs), Nancy Wanchik ( Fine Artist), Mariery Young (Panama City,Panama) 


Local-to-global people have been inspired by the message we provide and have joined together in the name of Design. Some volunteer as group, some as individuals.

Our partner Global Ties > Detroit provides international business and diplomacy by inviting many people from countries to participate in programs and events. 

Interested in becoming involved? contact us at 


Honoring Designers with a life-time of dedication to the industry.

Design awareness of the planet impacts our circular economy.


Honoring the industry whether a passionate or professional for Design, Art and/or a related fields of study.

The list of Designers below have participated in MM-O-DD. The design industry and related fields has historically been a behind the scenes and under the radar platform. We highlight the people who have displayed talent and who are current in the industry and interested in sparking the interest of our future generations. 
abeessa by Rob Lubera + Mary Lubera (Fashion Brand) + Shelley Grech, Adnan Charara (Accessory /Fashion Artist/Designer), Aki Choklat (Accessory Designer), Alore Niemi ( Accessory Designer), Albert Kahn (Albert Kahn Legacy Foundation), Amelia Novella Rennell (Artist), Amineh Ahmad (Accessory Designer), ArkadiyPolezhaev CEO Arkadiy Polezhaev, Artis Lane (Fine Art Painter), Armageddon Beachparty Fashion/Accessory/Product Artist/Designers), Ava Kaloustian ( Accessory Designer),  Boswell Hardwick ( Millenary: Accessory Designer), Bradley Cannon (Accessory Designer), Brennan Brooks (Fashion Photography), Celeste Smith (Millenary), Christian O'Grady(Graphic Designer/Photographer), Cynthia LaMaide Designs (Fashion Designer), Dawn Smith (Textile Design), Dena Salmaci (Salgiano) (Fashion Designer), Denzel Palm (Artists), Donovan Dewberry (Fashion Designer), Elizabeth Youngblood (Accessory Designer), Eric Beamon (Jewelry Designer), Eric Lowry (Designer/Artist), Evan Sparrow (Fashion Designer),  Ewa Markiewicz (Fashion Designer), Fernando Gutierrez (Accessory Designer), Fel3000ft. (Artist),Feyrouz (International Fashion Designer- Luxembourg), Hailey Kasper (Fashion Photography), Heron Robinson ( Fashion/Accessory Designer), Isabelle Foti (Accessory Designer), Jac Bladow (Accessory Designer), Janna Coumoundouros ( Fashion/Accessory Designer), Josie Teachout (Fashion/Accessory Designer), Juan Martinez (Artists), Kelly Grant (Artist), Keiko Koakutsu CEP/Princilple Designer Keiko Koakutsu, Kevin Barranco (Photographer/Artist), Kristen Canda (Artist), Kristine Ferguson (Fashion/Product Designer), Kalom McClure: Kam Dynasty (Jewelry Designer), Kelsey Coleman (Accessory Designer), Kill The Hate (Fashion/Accessory Designer), kirk roda (Artist), Lauren Zapaglione (Accessory Designer), Lynette Haylalah (Fashion/Accessory Designer), Mandisa Smith (Fashion/Accessory/Product Artist/Designer), Marianna Sanchez (Fashion Accessories Designer), Mark Samel (Artist/Designer), Mary Storey (Accessory Designer), Matt Lambert (JewelryDesigner)  Matt Richond (Fashion Designer), Megan Otenbaker (Fashion Designer), Meredith Lorde'-Cole (Accessory Artist/Designer), Meridith Honkanen (Jewelry Designer), Mike Han of House of Han (Modern Vandalism Artist), Olga Babushkina (Accessory Designer), Parker Lynch of HedgeHog Health ( Designer), Peter Kyke (Lighting Designer), Rachel Willnus (Millenary Accessory Designer),Rich Wright (Jewelry/Graphics/Fashion Artist/Designer), Ro Colston (Animate artist),Rob Lubera (Fashion Designer), S.Kay Young (Photographer), Scott Beles of DEF LAB Designs (Metal Artist) Smithmade (Furniture Designers), Tina Tomicic ( Handbag Designer), Tom Carbone (Shoe and accessory Designer), Tori Abrahams ( Accessory Designer),Tracy Reese (Fashion Designer)

For information on

Who do we feature and other questions like How to become a volunteer, intern or docent. We can answer your interest in programming, content or event or about featured people.

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