Note about the Founder/President

The Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit was established in 2015 by Founder, Detroit native and life-long Designer Leslie Ann Pilling. Pilling is joined by a distinguished group of people from the community to represent and guide MM-O-DD. The mutual vision is to engage and provide innovative education on an experiential platform to the public. Her experience in collaboration and extensive relationships has served MM-O-DDs existence in mobile programming and the current brick and mortar location. Pilling’s intension is to continue to embrace the future thru forward-thinking programming and exhibitions as a out-of-the-box museum.


Economic Impact : Showcase Designers, Engage Design conversations for work-force development and network talent for direct economic activation.

Social Impact: Provide safe environments for inclusive freedom of cultural conversations.

Mental Wellness Impact: Awareness of Brain Health and the Power of Creative Expression

Environment Impact: Programming with Biomimicry and regenerative Design


American Alliance of Museums American | Association of State And Local Historical Museums | Belle Isle Aquarium | Belle Isle Conservancy | Center For Creative Studies (CCS) | Detroit Center For Design & Technology (LTU) | Detroit Design Core | Detroit Design Network | Detroit RiverFront Conservancy | Downtown Detroit Boxing Gym Youth Program | Global Ties> Detroit | GOAL Line (Community Education Committee) | Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Program (U of M) | Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center (ISAIC) | Michigan Museum Association  | Michigan Science Center  | TEDX Lab (Heal.Be.Live)

Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit engages community in educational enrichment and experiential opportunity within the Design Industry.
Formed from a need and request from the community to highlight the Design Industry. Contributions from the past, currently and changes in design impacts our future. We exist to spark interest, attract talent and offer a world-class option to all. We boost economic initiatives with local-to-global opportunity.
05 -18 yrs: 50%
19 - 30 yrs: 30%
31 - 70 yrs: 20%

K-12: 50%
College Grad: 60%
Advanced Ed.: 20%
Skilled Trade: 30%
Home Schooled: 20%
Public School: 70%
Private School: 10%

Female 50%
Male 30%
Binary 20%

Local: 70%
Wayne 50%
Oakland 25%
Macomb 25%
National: 8%
MM-O-DD occupies space at our host Collected Detroit Gallery at 2439 Fourth Street Detroit, Michigan.
We continue our collaborative mobile programming and exhibitions with local and global partners.
We have embarked on virtual online platform.
Place-making destination + magnet for talent hub + S.T.E.A.M.E.D., edutainment, interactive, experiential, social, exhibitions, collections, participatory lecture, In-the round. informational: 20% Historic, 60% Current, 20% Futuristic. Music and sound design integration, technology driven, digital media including Film and Gaming
We embody local-to-global opportunities for Detroit. We attract all demographics, youth-adult, inclusive to all. We involve and engage supporters + passion driven talent towards the Design Industry and related fields. Detroit is a Design, go-to!
History: 2015-2019: Launch, Built Leadership, funding, programming, marketing
Current: 2020: Fund raise, permanent location launch at Collected Detroit Gallery with permanent collection, revolving exhibitions and edutainment virtual online learning.
Collaborative programming and exhibitions, community outreach and those who support educational enrichment including Donors and Sponsors.
There are other areas we explore including: Charting the future, Values, Statement of purpose, Definitions of success, Demographics, Goals, Culture: Strategic framework, Strategic Milestones, Design Genres and programming, Programming Strategy, Strategic tool-kit edutainment, Strategic Blue-print, Graphic/Printed collateral, Leadership.
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DEFINITION OF SUCCESS: Past, Present, Future


  • Promote Detroit as an international destination for Design.


  • Promote the quality and quantity of Design which attracted the naming Detroit as a Unesco City of Design.


  • Be an organization with local-to-global high visibility, to serve the community as a cutting edge cultural organization.


  • Empower the public to feel ownership of MM-O-DD, as an inclusive and accessible platform.


  • Establish mobile and virtual programs and exhibitions.


  • Build a limited premier curated collection from private collectors, public institutions and/or foundations.


  • Collaborate with other cultural, educational, social and business engagement organizations


  • Enhance design appreciation among diverse populations.

  • Action steps to social justice and inclusive freedom.



  • Quality: We strive to bring high quality to all that we do.


  • Collaboration: Our partners are essential. We work to build partnerships to co-create with.


  • Curiosity: We are interested in learning and teaching which most of the time pushes the boundaries of tradition and embraces innovation.


  • Culture: Our culture supports Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, Design (S.T.E.A.M.E.D.), sustainability, a local-to-global perspective, social responsibility, A dedication to experiential learning and strategies as actionable steps for inclusion and accessibility.


  • Accountability: We exist to benefit the community. We demonstrate our success and value to the community.


  • Stewardship: MM-O-DD strives to build on the strong foundations of Detroit innovative predecessors and to leave a legacy for future generations. This includes the preservation of our collections, as fiscal stewards of foundations and partnerships.


Metropolitan Museum Of Design Detroit (MM-O-DD) provides access to experiential educational enrichment opportunities

through collaborative programming and exhibitions.

Location: MM-O-DD is hosted by Collected Detroit Gallery at 2439 Fourth Street Detroit, Michigan | Administrative: 2900 E. Jefferson Street Detroit, Michigan  48207 U.S.A.

Copyright © 2018, All rights reserved. Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit (MM-O-DD) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 46-4299785


Excite Collaborative programming and exhibitions, community outreach and those who support educational enrichment including Donors and Sponsors.