TECHNOLOGY ACCESS: the action or process of obtaining or retrieving information.

MM-O-DD aims to use innovative digital solutions to heighten the participates experience in the museum and program opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence driven development, Augmented Analytics: Keep track of data (Donors requests this)

number of visitors, eye tracking intel, Augmented and virtual and mixed reality for immersive experiences, Digital Security to protect our visitors and participates.



Morgan Breon, Omar Mourad, Ramon Corpuz

AI Artificial Intelligence
AI immersive experience research is being developed with the collaboration of one of our partners.
In 2021, Virtual Reality (VR) or Virtual Intelligence (VI) access.
Augmented Reality
AR or Augmented Reality was designed within the last 10 years.
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Metropolitan Museum Of Design Detroit (MM-O-DD) provides access to experiential educational enrichment opportunities

through collaborative programming and exhibitions.

Location: MM-O-DD is hosted by Collected Detroit Gallery at 2439 Fourth Street Detroit, Michigan | Administrative: 2900 E. Jefferson Street Detroit, Michigan  48207 U.S.A.

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