At Noel Night in the Michigan Science Center's Sparks Theatre

Design Genres

adornment, on - stage fashion, furniture, graphic, jewelry

Design Platforms

Digital media and Performance art


Eric Beamom (jewels on Tiara), Kelsey Honkanen (Wings), Alan K ('Frond' Throne), Christian O'Grady ( Digital Media), Leslie Ann Pilling and her team (Fashion) Celeste Smith (Tiara)


The program experience included a graphic arts station, out side the Sparks Theatre,  to create a custom lanyard to show The Frost Fairy Queen. Each person was invited to be on-stage with her for a photographic opportunity and to talk about their Design.


Goals: Engage community and start a conversation about them as Designers

Inclusive: Open to all ages

Accessible: Free

Accomplishments: Introduced, youth-adult to graphic design as an option for a future personal passion or profession. 

Attendance: 500 plus people of all ages and over 200 youth ages 2-16 years old, created the Graphic Designed Lanyards.



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