Definition: Biomimicry looks at the systems and functions (engineering) in nature for sustainable design solutions including regenerative challenges.

"Biomimicry is an innovative technique that reconnects designers with 3.8 billion years of nature's wisdom, enhancing the refinement and invention of environmentally-positive products, processes, and systems. “ Quote by Richard Altheer ( MM-O-DD's Director of Biomimicry)

Frost is an occurrence in nature.

Some of the Products designs that have been inspired by the engineering of nature are the following.

The BIOMIMICRY exhibition presents the Inspiration Station and collaborative partners including the Albert Kahn Legacy Foundation, Belle Isle Aquarium, HedgeHog Heath, Anew Life Prosthetics and Orthotics plus artists works Mike Han of House of Han and Eric Lowry and Scott Berels of Def Fab Designs to feature the nine laws of Biomimicry and more.
MM-O-DD experts in Biomimicry are your access to the insider information in nature.
These rare opportunities give extraordinary insight into the Design solutions in nature.
The experts in the field of Biomimicry will give guided tours to parks and possibly inside and/or online sneak peeks behind the scenes of architecture.
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Bing! With education enrichment he impact is powerful. The participants look at nature differently. They stretch their frame of reference. They feel free to express their creativity. They are challenged to come up with an invention that is inspired by nature with a business plan, taking their Design solution to market.
One of the eye-opening results of our Biomimicry programming is the knowledge gained for a future career or personal passion in the Design Industry.
The Biomimicry programming activates 90% of those who participant.
We engage experts in the Design Industry to become MM-O-DD Encouragement Coaches. The powerful interaction is a win/win for both people or groups of people. Many of our groups are multi-generational, which has formed organically.
Organically we have had multiple generations of a family become involved in our Biomimicry programming including support from the Honkanen/Jones family and the Jones Foundation. Pictured are Natalie and Paige Honkanen
The Biomimicry programming looks at the engineering natures organisms for design solutions.
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