The impact of Sound Design

Sound Design spans from the beginning of man-kind. The sounds communicated vital information to organisms including plants and animals. Currently Sound Design is a major component in the Design Industry. For example in the field of Interior Design for a retail store the theme or vibe plays into determining the branding. Imaging if a elegant store played Heavy Metal Music. The guest could feel different compared to the location playing symphonic music.

Sound Waves
Sound is a mechanical wave that results from the back and forth vibration of the particles of the medium through which the sound waves are moving. Content credit: Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Experiential Sound
Imagine shopping in a high-end luxury baby boutique which caters to first Moms. The music aka the sound was a soft lullaby versus an intense Rock and Roll sound track.
Sound in Urban Design
Urban cities are aware of Sound Design including noise ordinances with stiff fines posted on streets. These policies are also reflected in the dwelling which are subject to a watchful eye of neighbors.
Sound in Sports
A major industry is Sports Design where sound plays a major role. Currently we are seeing the professional teams having to pipe-in the crowd sound to inspire the players. Also the arenas are engineered to capitalize on sound including the hospitality designs of private boxes etc.
Sound in Music
What is the beat...? This sound can be felt even if a person is with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community. The vibration in music is the bases for many musical endeavors.
Sounds from Humans
'Use your inside voices', is a common warning with many children. The human voice is one of the most familiar sounds we are impacted with daily. There are sounds that scare us sound that are soothing to us. We value our own sound filled environment.
Sound In Nature
Nature provides the best entertainment. The sounds in nature are defined and undefined. The songbird in early spring is a welcoming sound and the crashing of waves can be so dramatic that is projects fear. Sounds in nature guide much of our lives.
Sound in Culture
Most cultures have their own sounds which are easily distinguishable. Their language is also filled sounds which they use to communicate.
Sounds in Brain Health
Sound can freak you out. Sounds can relax and comfort you.
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