We encourage our donors to become active in the social arena and become 'Encouragement Coaches and/or join our supportive community of involved individuals.


community opportunities with educational enrichment, to 

Inclusive diverse people of all ages to participate in programming, attend exhibitions, custom developed for Brain-Gain and/or to spark an AH-HA moment.

Design choices are a key to a better climate for people and planet.

A look at Brain Health and the power of Creative Expression is important to acknowledge: it is the pathway to innovation and a designer and artist lifeline.



1. General Donations

A flexible use of general funds are essential for the programming to travel to the various location as under-served audiences have difficulties with transportation.

Examples noted below

* Paper and Ink for the submission forms and Colored pencils and supplies for the participates to write on.

* Printing of all signage and Volunteer Lanyards

2. Specific Donations examples

* American Sign Language interpreter for a more accessible platform.

* Biomimicry Based Programming

* Brain Health and the Power of Creative Expression: Performance Art with Design.

* Unique Social impact opportunity as an encouragement coach


* Preservation equipment for incoming collections

* Archival, safe and secure temp controlled, 24 access, secure storage unit for housing supplies.

* Specific Donor for general fund for a feasibility Study

* Specific Donor to underwrite costs of a Strategic Plan

* Specific Donor to underwrite costs of a grant writer

* Specific Donor to underwrite costs for a full time Development and Operations person.

* General Donation to purchase mobile display pods for the first MM-O-DD location

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